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What We Do

Immersive Publishing combines the printed page with augmented reality to add a rich multimedia layer to your project.

Whether you want a postcard that turns into film or a book to come alive from its pages through your smart device, we can make it happen. Your AR print project will work with any smartphone or tablet.

The cost of creating ambitious and impactful AR projects has dropped considerably in recent years meaning that no matter how small or big your project is, there is a good chance that we will be able to help you bring it to life for a budget that is a fraction of the cost 5 years ago.

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icon-qualityHighly skilled team with decades of experience in publishing books
icon-qualityCreation & consultancy services to help bring your vision to life
icon-qualityProject management of your app done in a timely and efficient manner
icon-qualityUnlimited amount of content that can be added to a project
icon-qualityYour own AR app that will work on Android and iOS devices

Easy Configuration

How It Works

There is no limit to the amount of content that can be added to a printed project, and media clips can be as long or as short as a client requires.

The user doesn’t have to constantly hold the smart device over the page; once the content is launched they can sit back and enjoy it.


The augmented reality functions can be added to the printed page of either a new or previously published book. Working with our team, choose the publication, pages, and content for the augmented reality experience of audio, video, and three-dimension.


Download the companion app on a phone or tablet, iOS or Android. Instructions will be in the book or to access/purchase on the client’s website.


This will then sync with the printed page allowing them to hover their phone or device over the page to access exclusive audio, video and bespoke augmented reality content.

Enhanced Expertise

Our Team

As Founders and Co-Directors of Immersive Publishing Ltd, James Fairclough and Victoria Cooper combine their expertise and experience in the book trade, media, and interactive books.

In partnership with a creative and talented team of developers, designers, and film makers, Immersive Publishing aims to bring to life the best the digital world has to offer.


James Fairclough



Victoria Cooper



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Your Own Companion App

Meet your next bespoke augmented reality app. With Immersive Publishing you will get a fully branded app for your project that works seamlessly across all devices.

Our printed brochure will you give you a taste of some of the things that we can do for you.



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